About Hockey Is Dead



We here at hockeyisdead.com have watched over 5,000 hockey games, won multiple championships on ice and dek and have watched the CBC's Hockey: A People's History 10 part series over a dozen times. So you could say we are more than qualified to give our take on the hockey world big and small.

Here you will find articles that point out the absurdity of hockey fans, the absurdity of the players and the absurdity of "real journalists" who "know the game". We also discuss why this the greatest sport on Earth and why it really should befor everyone (except Atlanta, you had two chances and you pissed it away).

We don't cover any other sport even thought we watch other sports. If you want to read about anything that isn't hockey related open up google and have a field day. But we do cover film and tv that either A) is about hockey or B) has some tie to hockey even in the minimalist of ways. (ex: did ALF ever play or dress up as a hockey player? well if he did you can be sure we will write about it)

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