Scott Sabourin Molly Whopped Lukas Vejdemo [Fight]


Scott Sabourin Lukas Vejdemo nhl hockey fight

Toronto Maple Leafs, and Marlies, forward Scott Sabourin was in the AHL for one shift when he got the boot after running the Laval Rocket's goalie and molly whopping Lukas Vejdemo.

During the game against Laval Rocket, Sabourin won a puck race, gained a partial breakaway and steamrolled Rocket goaltender Cayden Primeau with a sweet scoring chance. Immediately Sabourin went flying into Primeau, launched his gloves into space and, promptly, drilled Lukas Vejdemo’s face with lefts while his teammate, Yannick Veilleux, just watched.

This all took place during Sabourin’s first shift, in his first game, during his first fight and he did this all within the span of TEN SECONDS. 

The penalties were two minutes (2:00) for goalie interference, five minutes (5:00) for fighting, and a game misconduct for being the aggressor in the 'fight', when the Laval player did want the fight to begin with.

However, this altercation has now turned into a one game suspension, but a few hours later the Leafs recalled him to the taxi squad. If/when Sabourin returns to the Marlies, then his game suspension will take place.  

Scott Sabourin played for the Ottawa Senators and had a hilarious run-in with Auston Matthews, where Matthews looked at his nameplate in a 'who are you, you ain't worth my time' disrespect/power move.ThenSabourin was signed to an AHL contract in the offseason by the Leafs, and that contract was changed to an NHL deal on February 7, 2021. 

The Leafs needed someone who could fight and had grit, while Wayne Simmonds is out on the IR.

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