Kings Matt Luff and Avalanche Dan Renouf Tussle [Fight]


nhl hockey fight kings avalanche

With 10:14 left in the second period of Friday's Avalanche - Kings game, Matt Luff tried to spark his team when he fought Dan Renouf at center ice.

The Avalanche out worked the Kings for the first period, but couldn't find the back of the the net. Luckily that momentum carried over into the second period. 

For the first 10 nothing was happening, then, with 10:42 left in the period, Mikko Rantanen nailed a wrister to get the Avs on the board and making it 1-0.

Matt Luff could see where this was going and decided to step up and spark his team. After the Rantanen goal, Luff challenged Renouf to dance at center ice. Luff drilled Renouf with a stiff jab, then a few light jabs before Renouf wrestled Luff to the ice.

Despite Luff's attempt to spark his team, no energy would come from the scrap and neither team went on to score for the rest of the period. 

In the third period it wasn't until there was a 1:30 left on the clock that Mikko Rantanen broke out of his zone with the puck, racing towards the empty net. Unselfishly, he passed to Nathan MacKinnon so he could get his point for the night. 

The Colorado Avalanche beat the LA Kings 2-0. The two teams meet again on Sunday. 



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