Hockey Novel Björnstad (Beartown) Now HBO Series [Trailer]

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Björnstad (Beartown), a hockey novel that centers on a declining youth hockey team in a small town and follows the events leading up to the rape of a 15-year-old girl by the star junior hockey player, has been adapted for television and on February 22nd the first episode aired on HBO.  

Peter Andersson is the general manager of the ice hockey club in Beartown, a small town located in Sweden, He grew up in Beartown and was a junior hockey star. He went to North America to play in the NHL, but injuries stopped his career short. He married Kira, a lawyer from a big city, and their first-born son, Isak, died when he was just a baby. Peter and Kira decided to return to Beartown, with their other children, Maya and Leo, when Peter was offered the job with the ice hockey club.

Kevin Erdahl is the star of the Beartown junior team, which consists of players who are 17 years old. Kevin's talent is so outstanding that the entire junior team has been built around him since he was about seven years old. David is the current coach of the junior team, who has moved up to coach the players in each successive age group as Kevin and his cohort have come through. David, Sune, Peter, the president and directors and sponsors of the ice hockey club, all expect Kevin's team to succeed.

On the night of the semi-final victory, Kevin throws a big party for his team. At the party, Maya and Kevin sneak off to an upstairs bedroom to make out. Maya resists Kevin's advances, and he proceeds to rape her. Amat, Kevin's teammate, stumbles in to witness the rape. Maya takes advantage of Amat's intrusion to free herself from Kevin.

The police decide not to prosecute Kevin for the rape because the available evidence is inconclusive, despite Amat's testimony as an eye-witness. Maya continues to suffer distress and decides she must either kill herself or kill Kevin to be relieved of the pain.

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