Zack MacEwen Decimated Derek Forbort For Höglander [Fight]

MacEwen Forbort Canucks Jets NHL Fight

Canucks' Zack MacEwen took Jets' Derek Forbort to the woodshed Sunday as payment for cross-checking Nils Hoglander, multiple times, during their game on Friday.

During the Friday meeting of the Vancouver Canuck and Winnipeg Jets, Derek Forbort felt that Nils Hoglander hit him a bit high. His response was to follow Hoglander around and drill him with several cross-checks to the back. This action, in turn, sparked a full scrum between the Jets and the Canucks. 

Before we go from there to here, we need to clear up an inacuracy. Many keep reporting that Hoglanders' hit on Forbort was high when, in fact, Forbort put himself in a poor position. Forbort is 6' 4'' and Hoglander is 5' 9'', that is a height difference of 7'' or 17.78cm for you metric system users out there. Hoglander didn't jump seven inches and tag Forbort in the head, instead, Forbort lowered himself into the path of a clean body check. To make it even more laughable, Forbort has 27 lbs or 12 kilograms (or 2 stones, 432 ounces) on Hoglander. And if a 6' 4'' 212lb defenseman can't take a hit from a 5' 9'' 185lb forward then he has no business playing in the NHL.

Now, back to Sunday's game.

Forbort had to know this was coming and, probably, thought he was prepared for it. He wasn't and when his plan of wrestle MacEwen to the ice failed, that's when the magic happened. 

It was exactly 2:30 into the first period when MacEwen told Forbort they were fighting. The two dropped their gloves at center ice and squared up for the bout. Forbort tried to grab MacEwen by the collar but was instantly greeted with a left, then a right. Forbort new he was screwed and tried the wrestle to the ice so the fight stops trick; it didn't work. MacEwan overpowered Forbort and refused to fall to the ice, instead forcing both upright. When Forbort tried again he ate a right uppercut and then another right uppercut. However, Forbort blindly landed a right forearm hook only to be met with a real right hook from MacEwen. 

That is when Forbort lost his bucket. 

Forbort's bucket went flying and he ate another uppercut and this brought him down to one knee. Feeling no sympathy, MacEwen delivered a overhand right, right to the top of Forbort's head. He was going to deliver another one, but the linesmen told him that was enough.

As the two skated to the box of shame, Hoglander looked on thankfully at MacEwen for his services.

Zack MacEwen, Winner by TKO.

The Jets would have the final say however as Pierre-Luc Dubois finally had his breakout game tallying three points including the overtime winner as the Winnipeg Jets defeated the Vancouver Canucks 4-3.


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