Wayne Simmonds Destroys Jordie Benn Ambidextrously [Fight]

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Jordie Benn stepped up and took a beating at the hands of Wayne Simmonds during the Maple Leafs - Canucks game Thursday night. 

With three minutes left in the third period Quinn Hughes attempted to turn away from a Wayne Simmonds check, only to get slathered all over the boards. Hughes' teammate, Jordie Benn (older brother to Jamie, but not as gifted), didn't like what he had seen so he skated up and challenged Simmonds on the spot. 

Unfortunately, the challenge was accepted and the night went to pot for Benn.

Locking up on Vancouver's blue line, Simmonds started feeding Benn right crosses to the face; one after another. Benn must of enjoyed this because he took several rights before the thought of 'move out of the way' crossed his mind. After a few spins around the ice Benn managed to throw a few punches, but that was quickly stopped by Simmonds as he chose to block, rather than, take the shots to the head.

Once Simmonds let Benn deliver a few shots, he decided to switch it up to his left hand and feed him some straight, line-drives to the jaw. One, of which, appeared to break a piece off of Benn's helmet when he managed a slight duck during the onslaught.

Finally Simmonds ran out of gas and Benn had had enough the linesmen came in, separated the two and away they went. Not before Simmonds thanked Benn and told him 'good fight.'

The other highlights of the night were Jason Spezza, who was just on waivers, collecting his eighth career hat trick. Auston Matthews scored two goals, Mitchell Marner had a goal and two assists and John Tavares scored his 350th career goal. William Nylander had three assists and Morgan Rielly, Jake Muzzin and Travis Boyd each had two assists.

The Toronto Maple Leafs defeated the Vancouver Canucks 7-3 in the opener of their three-game series.

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