Tyler Toffoli Broke Jake Muzzin's Face [video]


tyler toffoli jake muzzin broken face nhl

During Saturday's Leafs - Canadiens game Tyler Toffoli broke Jake Muzzin's face as he was following through with a shot on net. 

Toronto announced on Monday that Muzzin will miss some time after suffering the break in his face. while the medical team continues to work on determining the extent of the injury and methods to manage it. When he is able to return he will be wearing the full face shield.

The play happened with 1:30 left to play in the third period. Muzzin went down on one knee in front of Toffoli to block the passing lane. Toffoli switched plans once Muzzin went down and took a shot. The follow-through from Toffoli's shot caught Muzzin square on the cheek and he took off for the bench. 

Toffoli, realizing he was left unguarded, was able to catch a high pass and pot it in the back of the net on the backhand. However, Toffoli wasn't thrilled with the goal and was visibly concerned about Muzzin.  

Toffoli and Muzzin have been friends since their days with the LA Kings, winning a cup with them back in 2014.


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