Tony DeAngelo Trash Talked and Tussled with Alex Georgiev

rangers deangelo georgiev fight

The speculation on why Tony DeAngelo was put on waivers can stop as it has been confirmed that Alex Georgiev and DeAngelo had a tussle Saturday night. The tussle took place after the Rangers 5-4 overtime loss to the Penguins at the Garden. 

It seems the spark that lit the fuse was remarks made by DeAngelo to Georgiev about his goaltending ability as the team was leaving the ice. The two started to tussle, but K’Andre Miller intervened and broke up the altercation. 

It seems that no other players were involved in the incident, but there has been rumors that another player, not Miller, had punched DeAngelo, and that is why The club’s post-game zoom meeting was delayed by 20 minutes. 

DeAngelo has been placed on regular waivers as opposed to unconditional waivers. According to the CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement), being placed on and clearing unconditional waivers are necessary for a team to be able to terminate a player’s contract.

Waivers on DeAngelo expired at noon Monday and it is highly unlikely that any team would claim the defenseman. All teams were offered that chance during the offseason, but the Rangers could not find a willing trade partner for him. 

Plus DeAngelo is only eight games into the first season of a two-year contract that carries an annual cap hit of $4.8 million and it is doubtful any team would want that on the books at this point in time.

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