Nicolas Deslauriers and Kurtis MacDermid Go Full Tilt [Fight]


MacDermid Deslauriers nhl hockey fight

Nicolas Deslauriers and Kurtis MacDermid had a full blown heavy weight bout right off the opening face off of the Ducks and Kings game Tuesday night. 

Deslauriers and MacDermid are no strangers on the ice. The two had previously fought twice (December 2019 & February 2020), but never had the chance for the third winner-take-all bout. Now that the season is rolling semi-normally, these two heavyweights decided to give the fans what they want; a fist-flying brawl for all. 

When these two men fight, They. Fight. There is no wrestling to the ice or MMA take downs, it is straight punches, elbow pads flying old time hockey. 

Before the puck dropped everyone knew what it was, Deslauriers and MacDermid were giving each other the look and they had no desire to postpone this one any longer. 

MacDermid came out the gate strong keeping Deslauriers on his heels, while, throwing massive uppercuts. However, Deslauriers was able to slip and roll most of the blows and return fire with a few jabs and hooks. It looked to be coming to a quick end, though, as MacDermid slipped his elbow pad out and gained full range. Yet, neither man went down and Deslauriers continued on. 

The match ended in a draw as the two had to be stopped by the linesmen since they showed no signs of letting up. 

However, this fight set Delauriers up for a very special achievement. One that all hockey players and fans hold in highest regards; The Gordie Howe Hat Trick. He grabbed an assist on the David Backes goal just 17 seconds into the 2nd period, potting one into the empty net with 30 seconds left in the 3rd and, of course, fought MacDermid 3 seconds into the 1st period. 

The Ducks took the game 3-1 over the Kings.





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