Mathieu Olivier Gives Luke Schenn The Biloxi Bull Horns [Fight]


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Luke Schenn and Mathieu Olivier dropped the gloves a few minutes into the first period during the Tampa Bay Lightning - Nashville Predators game Monday.

It was 17:56 in the first period when when the Biloxi Bull dropped the gloves with Schenn at center ice. The fight was a carry-over from the previous two games that the teams played in Tampa Bay. Olivier came in strong with right hooks and caught Schenn in the head, popping his bucket. Then, as if it were scripted, Schenn returned the favor by blast a left hook that popped Olivier's bucket. The two carried on exchanging blows, but Olivier managed to come out on top when Schenn went to the ice. As Schenn skated away you could see he sprung a leak from the forehead.   

The rest of the game played out in the Lightning's favor as they held the Predators to a single goal scored by Dante Fabbro.  Anthony Cirelli opened the scoring for the Lightning giving them a 1-0 lead after the first period of play. Cirelli then struck again on a power play in the middle of the second period to put the Lightning up 2-0 going into the third period. 

Nashville's best chance to score came in the second period when Nick Cousins, Steven Stamkos and Victor Hedman all went to the box with roughing calls with only two minutes left to play. However, the Predators could not capitalize on the power play. And a penalty on Järnkrok, in the final seconds of play, would send both teams to 4-on-4 hockey to end the period.

To top off the scoring for the Tampa Bay Lightning, Blake Coleman came in and potted an empty netter to make the score 3-1. Then Steven Stamkos scored his own empty netter with 1.4 seconds left on the clock making it 4-1.

The Predators were unable to build any momentum off of Olivier's tilt and they fell 4-1 at the hands of the Tampa Bay Lightning.



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