Keegan Kolesar Busted Dennis Gilbert's Face [Fight]

avalanche gilbert  knights kolesar fight

Dennis Gilbert and Keegan Kolesar dropped the gloves and dropped bombs during the Vegas Golden Knights - Colorado Avalanche game Tuesday night.   

Two minutes into the first period Kolesar and Gilbert met at center ice and asked each other to dance. Gilbert came out strong throwing several left jabs, a hard right hook and a decent uppercut (but it caught a good bit of chest protector). Right before the uppercut by Gilbert, Kolesar faked a hook and then removed Gilbert's helmet. After he ate the hook and wasn't fazed by the half uppercut, Kolesar came in with an overhand right drilling Gilbert in the left eye and nose. However, the monstrous shot didn't drop Gilbert and the two were seperated by the linesmen.

The shot from Kolesar to the face of Gilbert must have been even worse than it looked. While he was in the box, serving his five for fighting, he had to abruptly leave and was seen skating off the ice while holding a towel over his nose and mouth. 

That was the last time Gilbert was seen as he did not return to the game. Afterwards it was stated that he had a facial injury due to the fight with no further information about the severity of the injury.

Gilbert was up on the active roster the last two games because Samuel Girard, Erik Johnson and Cale Makar were each unavailable for different reasons. 

Samuel Girard and Cale Makar are expected to make their returns on Saturday for the outdoor game in Lake Tahoe, which means, Gilbert will, most likely, return to the taxi squad.

Keegan Kolesar notched his first career NHL fight with this bout, and has two assists in eleven games played. 

The Golden Knights fell 3-2 to the Colorado Avalanche. The two teams meet again this Saturday the 20th.

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