Kasperi Kapanen and Brett Howden Get Rough N' Rowdy [Fight]

Penguins Kapanen Fights Rangers Howden

Kasperi Kapanen and Brett Howden ended the first period of the Penguins - Rangers game Monday night by dropping the gloves and going full tilt on each other.

It may have been one of the more uncoordinated fights, but Kapanen held his own well enough to land a few punches before hitting the ice.

Kapanen was going for Rangers defenseman Adam Fox before Howden stepped in. The two pushed and shoved a bit, then dropped them and started swinging. Kapanen looked to be almost winning when, for some reason, bent forward and took three right to the head. That was all she wrote; the two fell to the ice in a jumbled mess and were separated.

Kapanen and Howden each got five-minute majors for fighting and started the second period in the box of shame. 

On the bright side of things, the fight may have been the spark the Rangers needed. They managed to shift the momentum and pulled out their third win of the season.

GM Jeff Gorton said that the team’s focus had to be on winning, and the Rangers went and pulled one out from under a Penguins team that they had lost three previous games to.

The New York Rangers beat the Pittsburgh Penguins 3-1. 


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