Jamie Benn Pummeled Nikita Zadorov [Fight]

jamie benn zadorov nhl hockey fight


The Dallas Stars may have lost the war but Jamie Benn won the battle when he pummeled Nikita Zadorov three minutes into the second period on Sunday.

The altercation arose after Stars' Rookie Ty Dellandrea hit Nikita Zadorov with a check. Zadorov became upset over it and shoved Dellandrea into the boards after play had ended. Seeing what happened, Benn then came on for his shift and went after Zadorov the moment the puck dropped.

 Zadorov gave it his all and tried to swing back but never connected with anything. Benn, on the other hand, managed to connect with quite a few hooks and uppercuts. 

No decision here, Jamie Benn is the clear winner and honor has been restored to the Benn name (see: Jordie Benn).

Alas, it was a hollow victory as Alex DeBrincat was the man to bring the game full circle.

DeBrincat scored both goals for the Blackhawks, potting one in the second period and then the OT winner. The Blackhawks served the Stars their first home loss this season.

The final score saw the Chicago Blackhawks defeat the Dallas Stars 2-1.




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