Givani Smith Drops Aaron Ekblad With Left [Fight]


red wings givani smith fight howe hat trick

Givani Smith helped deliver the Detroit Red Wings a huge win Sunday, while also clutching his first Gordie Howe hat trick, when he fought Aaron Ekblad of the Florida Panthers. 

Smith scored a goal with three minutes left in the second period, registered an assist at the halfway mark of the third and picked up the fighting major against Ekblad with seven left in the third.

The fight sparked as a result of Smith drilling Weegar into the glass so hard that his bucket popped off and he had to leave the game. Ekblad felt he should not let the hit go unanswered and told Smith to drop the gloves. Smith quickly obliged and within a few punches Ekblad was on his back. Smith gave Ekblad a shoulder tap and told him good job for defending his teammate before heading to the box. 

Smith had been shuffled from the taxi squad to the Grand Rapids Griffins and back to the main roster over the past few weeks as the Red Wings dealt with injuries and Covid protocol. But it is, probably, safe to say he will be seen in the lineup for the foreseeable future. 

The icing on the cake of this Cinderella story is that Givani Smith had no idea that a Gordie Howe hat trick was a thing until his teammates explained it to him. So call it fate, or call it karma, it is only fitting that he should grab his first one under a Red Wings logo. 

The Red Wings defeated the Panthers 4-1. 

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