Garrett Klotz and Mike McKee Have TWO Old Time Hockey Slugfests [Fight]

klotz mckee echl hockey fight

Garrett Klotz and Mike McKee had two fights, 24 hours apart, and they were the greatest two fights that hockey has seen in years. And yes, this was this past week.

The Rapid City Rush (Coyotes) and the Tulsa Oilers (Mighty Ducks) of the ECHL wrapped up a three game series between the two clubs this week. First The Oilers defeated Rapid City Rush 5-3 on Wednesday the 11th during their first meeting. Then, the Oilers beat the Rapid City Rush 5-1 on Friday the 12th. Finally, the Rapid City Rush was able to avoid a series sweep and took the last game on Saturday the 13th 2-0.   

The hockey is decent and well played by guys who are almost, but not quite NHL/AHL ready. But not many people care about hockey once you step down from the AHL. They also aren't clamoring for ECHL highlights, that is, until something beautiful and almost magical happens. 

It was during the second game that Garrett Klotz of the Rapid City Rush and Mike McKee of the Tulsa Oilers decided to drop the gloves. And this wasn't helmets on, holding shirts while jabbing each other kind of fight. This was a buckets off, no-holds-bared, screw defense, chuck bombs till someone wins brawl; and it was awesome.

The next game, same exact thing.

When you see these two fights you should be able to understand why it's so great. But if you have a learning deficiency and have been living under a rock for the last 12 months, let me explain.

The NHL only has a few teams that are allowed a small capacity of fans, the Rapid City Rush of the ECHL doesn't. This means the place was packed with fans and the atmosphere was electric. 

In the NHL you cannot take off your bucket and fight, in the ECHL they can and do drop the buckets. So when a fight happens, it really happens. 

Now you take this crowd of screaming fans and drop in two guys who want to fight like its pre-2013 and you have something most fans haven't seen in years, hell if at all. Add to it, that most haven't seen a packed stadium, watching hockey and a great fight break out in over a year, then this isn't just a fight... It is a beacon of hope. That sooner, rather than later, we will get back to normal. 





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