Brendan Lemieux Tussles With Nick Ritchie For Georgiev [Fight]


ritchie lemieux bruins rangers nhl fight

With three seconds left in the Rangers - Bruins game Brendan Lemieux asked Nick Ritchie to dance, because Ritchie fell of Georgiev's head in the first period.

See, five minutes into the first period Alex Georgiev was forced to leave the game after Nick Ritchie fell on his head, splitting his eyelid and sending him off for concussion protocol. 

Georgiev's injury was the result of a net-front battle between Ritchie and a few Rangers players trying to clear the puck from the crease. Ritchie had a great scoring chance, but was being draped by several players, which, resulted in his legs being swept out from underneath him. This dropped him instantly and put his entire mass onto the head of Georgiev. 

Georgiev was patched up and allowed to stay in the game, but a moment later was pulled for concussion protocol. Everything wasn't as bad as it appeared,because Georgiev was able to return in the second period where he went 31 for 33. 

However, Lemieux must of thought more needed to be done and he decided to fight Ritchie. It would have been a good idea if he was going to actually fight, instead he ate a few punches and pulled Ritchie's jersey over his head.  

The Boston Bruins defeated the New York Rangers 4-1 and the two teams won't meet again till March 11th. 



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