Brayden Schenn and Johan Larsson Chucking Bombs [Fight]

Blues Coyotes NHL Hockey Fight

Johan Larsson and Brayden Schenn dropped the gloves and started chucking bombs in the 2nd period of the Blues - Coyotes game on Saturday. 

Larsson was giving Schenn a few chops to the lower back and Schenn quickly chose to put a stop to it. The two dropped the gloves at center ice and, almost cat-like, Larsson caught Schenn with a hard right. The hit popped Schenn's bucket off and left him a bit stunned. Larsson tried to follow up the blow with another bomb, but Schenn quickly turned the tables and started his counter attack. 

Schenn delivered as many blows as he could but his helmet was hung up on his arm. Trying to act fast he pulled the helmet loose and dropped it to the ice. However, in that brief window Larsson was able to regain control and land a flurry of uppercuts and hooks that would send Schenn to the ice. 

The fight was very even with both Larsson and Schenn mounting strong offenses. But it comes down to biggest hits landed and knockdowns, which, gives it to Larsson by decision.

As for the rest of the game, Jakob Chychrun scored the opening and closing goals of the game. Clayton Keller potted a goal and tallied an assist, and Darcy Kuemper made 24 saves for the Coyotes, who won consecutive games for the first time this season.

Robert Thomas scored for the Blues before leaving with an upper-body injury and did not return.That would be the Blues only goal of the night. 

The Coyotes beat the St. Louis Blues 3-1. 


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