Austin Watson Wins Worst Fight Ever Against Jujhar Khaira


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Austin Watson is the worse fighter to ever play in the NHL and that is not an exaggeration; it's fact. If you need convincing take a look at his latest "fight" against Jujhar Khaira during Monday's Oilers - Senators game.

I would describe this excuse of a fight, but there is nothing to describe and I'd rather cut out my own wisdom teeth out with no novocaine, than color commentate a Watson fight.

It is really perplexing as to how each one of Watson's fight is worse than the previous. You'd think that eventually he would have a good tilt, throw some blows, get a knockdown and walk off with his head held high. But it never happens, he either blows the fight with a slip-and-fall or gets smashed to hell and back.

This latest entry into his hall of terrible fights is no different, he completely wiffs it. At what point do you look at yourself in the mirror and say "hey, we tried the fighting game and it hasn't worked. So, maybe, we try to just play hockey. No more fighting".

Other than Watson's terrible fight, the Senators vs Oilers was a decent match-up. Luckily, Gudbranson and Kassian quickly made people forget about the terrible fight by putting on a main event showdown.

Mike Smith played his first game of the season, after coming off IR, and made 27 saves. The one save he didn't make was a goal scored by his teammate, Adam Larson during an attempt to clear. 

The Oilers won 3-1 over the Senators.




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