Rasmus Dahlin Sent Kevin Rooney Flying After Huge Hip Check


NHL Sabres Rangers Dahlin

The Buffalo Sabres may have lost to the New York Rangers but Rasmus Dahlin's hip check on Kevin Rooney is one for the highlight reels.

Clearly Dahlin is a student of great hockey, because the hip check he laid down on Rooney was absolutely textbook. Rooney must have forgotten that hip checks are still a thing and very effective in stopping one dead in their tracks. 

Rooney was attempting to break into the zone with the puck when Dahlin lined him up and drove into to his so cleanly that he went flying feet over head. At one point in the series of events, you'd have thought that Dahlin had hit Rooney with a little A.A. (Attitude Adjustment, for those who don't know) John Cena, WWE, Get The F Out style. 

Also worth highlighting this game is Alexis Lafreniere:

Alexis Lafreniere scored his first career goal 2:47 into overtime to give the New York Rangers a 3-2 win over the Buffalo Sabres.

The goal will also go down in the history books, as Lafreniere became the first No. 1 pick to score his first goal in overtime.

Lafreniere’s goal came after Eichel turned the puck over in his own zone. Colin Blackwell collected the loose puck and drove up the right side before flipping a pass through the middle to Lafreniere, who one-timed the puck inside the near post.





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