Luke Schenn Buries Nick Foligno With Bombs [Fight]


schenn foligno fight

Nick Foligno did not find what he was looking for when he challenged Luke Schenn during the Columbus Blue Jackets vs Tampa Bay Lightning game on Thursday.

While battling it out for puck possession in the left corner of the Lightning's zone Nick Foligno and Luke Schenn decided to take a few shots at each other with their sticks. After the puck cleared the zone the two slowly skated up ice speaking to one another. Foligno looked to be the one who asked Schenn to dance and Schenn was more than happy to oblige.

Schenn quickly snatched up Foligno and started feeding him strong left uppercuts. Foligno clearly didn't see this playing out in such a fashion and tried evasive maneuvers. This tactic failed and resulted in Schenn dropping Foligno to the ice. 

Columbus would go on to fall to Tampa Bay 3-2 in overtime with a goal at 1:56 by Brayden Point.

The two teams meet again Saturday at 2:00pm est.





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