Evander Kane Spears Jordan Binnington In The Groin

evander kane


Evander Kane cannot stop taking penalties. He currently leads the league in PIMs and that record continued on Wednesday when the Sharks took on the Blues in St. Louis.

With 3:01 left in the first period and the Sharks on a power play, Kane went and setup shop in front of Binnington. He moved into a good screen position and after taking a few seconds, to see where everyone's attention was at, he swiftly shot his stick back into the Groin of Binnington.

The event played out so fast that the announcers had no idea why the whistle was even blown, but Kane knew why. As he was pulling away, the ref caught the cheap shot  and instantly called it. 

The play itself may be a little dirty but it is one that is as old as the game itself. The hope is that the goalie will bend over in slight pain and miss a simple shot from the point. Sadly, for Kane, it did not go unnoticed.

The Sharks would go on to beat the Blues 2-1 in the fourth round of a shootout with Hertl scoring the only goal.





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