Evander Kane Almost Decapitates Oliver Ekman-Larsson

kane ekman larsson injury


Evander Kane's may just have the worst luck in the NHL right now. Barring his off ice problems, Kane took three penalties during the Sharks vs Coyotes game on Saturday. One, of which, almost cost Ekman-Larsson his head. 

With just under 11 minutes to go in the third period of Saturday's 5-3 win over the Sharks Kane and Ekman-Larsson were racing to the puck behind the Coyotes net. As they approached, Kane appeared to knock Ekman-Larsson off balance, almost slew foot like, while bringing his stick up at an angle that caught him squarely on the neck. This motion, along with the position of the stick, sent his face and knee smashing into the boards and his neck to be wrenched backwards causing extreme whiplash.

A small scrum ensued while Ekman-Larsson laid on the ice clutching his neck. Once it had cleared he had to be helped off the ice by a trainer and was unable to return to the game. Kane was assessed a two-minute high sticking penalty for the incident.

Ekman-Larsson will miss, at the very least, the next three games due to the injury. He will not make the trip with the team to Las Vegas, where the Coyotes will play the Vegas Golden Knights Monday and Wednesday.

The Coyotes placed Ekman-Larsson on injured reserve Sunday, which requires that he be out a week minimum. That would force him to miss the two games at Vegas and one at home against the Golden Knights this Friday.

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