Canucks Tyler Motte and Adam Gaudette Tussle at Camp [Fight]

motte gaudette fight


Things got a little chippy at the Vancouver Canucks training camp the other day when Tyler Motte and Adam Gaudette (teammates) came to blows.

Tyler Motte and Adam Gaudette were chasing down a loose puck when Motte wrapped up Gaudette with his stick and gave him a good old fashioned slewfoot. Needless to say, Gaudette was heated. Not only was this just a scrimmage but he was slewfooted by a member of his own team. He dropped his gloves instantly started chucking bombs.

One of the few punches from Gaudette landed and the two went down in a cluster, with Gaudette still trying to throw punches when the two returned to their feet.

Motte is now wearing a no contact jersey, but it is unknown at this time if it was a result of the fight with Gaudette. When asked, Motte downplayed his scrimmage scrap with Gaudette and attributed the fight to the high intensity of Vancouver's training camp.

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