Brady Tkachuk and Zack MacEwen Tussle [Fight]

NHL Hockey Fight Tkachuk MacEwen


Brady Tkachuk and Zack MacEwen had an exchange of the hands with 50 seconds left in the 3rd period of the Canucks 4-1 win over the Senators Thursday night.

Adam Gaudette lit the fuse of this powder keg when he skated up and hit Tkachuk with a little crosscheck to the upper back. Tkachuk didn't hesitate to go after him, but Gaudette quickly slithered out of the way and MacEwen was more than happy to tag in for his teammate.

Tkachuk, at this point, didn't care who he got his hands on. Ding, ding went the bell and the gloves went flying off. Unlike his fight with Watson, Tkachuk wasn't going to just fall flat on his face, so MacEwen pulled the bucket of Tkachuk's head knowing the linesmen would step in.

This didn't deter Tkachuk as he kept swinging away and, to his credit, MacEwen did too. But rather than let this play out the over zealous linesmen pulled the two apart and sent them to the dressing room. 

Brady Tkachuk and Zack MacEwen were both given 5 for fighting, but not before Tkachuk had words with Jay Beagle who chirped him with a Rick Flair "Wooooo!" followed by "had enough?"

The Canucks swept the Senators for the series and won't meet again until March for their next go-around. 





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