Ben Chiarot and Matthew Tkachuk Throw Down [Fight]

NHL Hockey Fight Chiarot Tkachuk


Matthew Tkachuk and Ben Chiarot had to drop the gloves in Carey Price's crease midway through the 3rd period Thursday night when the Flames took on the Canadiens.

While jockeying for position in front of the net, Chiarot brought his stick up and clipped Tkachuk in the face. Tkachuk was visibly agitated but didn't act out and continued to battle for position in front of price, until Chiarot hit him with a nice cross-check to the back. This is when Tkachuk lost his cool.

Tkachuk started to body push Chiarot up against the net and hit him with a quick, gloved, right. If Chiarot wasn't angry before, he was now.

Chiarot grabbed Tkachuk, and started to tee off on him, catching several times up high. Tkachuk threw a couple back, but Chiarot had better positioning along with two free hands. 

A few more jabs and Tkachuk went tumbling forward to the ice and Chiarot pounced on him. However, once they hit the ice the linesmen were quick to jump in and pull Chiarot off. 

Chiarot was given 5 for fighting plus an additional 2 for the high-stick. Tkachuk received 5 for fighting.

Carey Price ended the night with 23 saves, while Brendan Gallagher, Shea Weber, Josh Anderson and Tyler Toffoli lit the lamp for the Canadiens. Milan Lucic and Rasmus Andersson found the back of the net for the Flames. The Canadiens won 4-2.



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