Austin Watson Faceplanted Attempting to Fight Zack McEwan


nhl hockey fight

Austin Watson nailed a perfect faceplant in his attempt to fight Zack McEwan after trying to make him answer for a hit that laid out Brady Tkachuk.

The whole affair lasted about 9 seconds when Austin Watson decided to go full Austin Watson and drive his face into the ice, like a child who has yet to comprehend that unbraced falling equals pain. 

This would not be Austin's only fight of the night, but we will save the other one for later. 

However, Austin Watson did manage to pot one in the back of the net midway through the second period. This gave Ottawa their one and only goal of the night. Assists on the goal were Thomas Chabot and Mike Reilly.

 Monday's match-up that pitted The Ottawa Senators angainst the Vancouver Canucks was the first in a three-game series. The Canucks will host the Senators again on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

The Canucks defeated the Senators 7 - 1.  





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