Antoine Roussel Turtles Twice Fighting Josh Brown & Austin Watson

roussel brown watson nhl fight


Antoine Roussel attempted to turtled out of not one but two fights on Monday night when the Ottawa Senators took on the Vancouver Canucks.

Roussel's first "fight" of the night came from Josh Brown. Roussel not only refused to drop his gloves during the tussle, but tried like hell to throw himself to the ice and turtle up. However, Roussel is a little guy, weight wise, and Brown had no problem holding him up preventing the turtling.

If that wasn't embarrassing enough Roussel managed to get into another fight later in the game with eve worse results. 

With twenty seconds left in the third period Roussel and resident NHL punching bag Austin Watson decided to go at it. Roussel, again, refused to drop both gloves and continued to squirm around trying to turtle yet again. 

This bout was so terrible that it made Watson look good and somewhat redeem himself after his earlier faceplant into center ice. 

By not fighting Roussel has just placed a welcome mat on his back because the entire league will not hesitate to walk all over him. His only chance at redemption is to square up Thursday when the Senators meet the Canucks for their second of the three game series. 

 The Senators lost to the Canucks 7 - 1, with Austin Watson scoring Ottawa's only goal midway through the second period.

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