With Abundance of Free Time P.K. Subban Starts a Podcast

pk subban podcast

P.K. Subban has started a podcast called The Peak with P.K. Subban since he has too much time on his hands and nothing else to do with that time.

Subban is one of those players that you either love or hate. You love him because of his skill or you hate him because of his skill, there is no middle ground. But it is really hard to hate a guy who is always donating time and money to help out children in need.

Subban is probably the most entertaining guy in the league when given a mic so the leap to podcasting do make for a good fit, but the timing of this, and his Youtube channel couldn't come at a worse time.

P.K. Subban was a dominate force the moment he stepped on the ice for the Montreal Canadiens spanning seven seasons. He garnered the admiration of the entire city and cause fans to turn on the Canadiens when he was traded to the Nashville Predators for Shea Weber. While in Nashville, P.K. helped lead the team to the Stanley Cup Finals against the Pittsburgh Penguins in a spectacular run for the franchise.

However, after three seasons, Subban saw himself shipped to the New Jersey Devils for the 2019-2020 season. On paper this looked really good and made NJ look like a real powerhouse for the upcoming season. Expecting to do big things in NJ Subban started a Youtube channel so he could show fans his journey of being with a new team, but when the season started things turned sour pretty quick.

The team didn't click and instantly there were rumors that Hall wanted out. They were unable to string together more than three wins at a time and, due to the shortened season, they only managed 28 wins out of 68 games. The worst part being that all of this was documented behind-the-scenes for Youtube by a man who was having his worst season since 2015-2016.

To the average person it looked like Subban was more about making content than doing the job is was paid to do. And now with his team being one of the seven who didn't make the extended playoffs he is seen in even worse light by hockey fans.

But it doesn't end there... A day after the playoffs began Subban dropped the first episode of his podcast, The Peak with P.K. Subban and his mission statement reads:

Welcome to The Peak with P.K. Subban! Each episode, P.K. brings on a guest from hockey and professional sports to join in on a candid discussion about the industry they all love. In this episode, P.K. breaks down the NHL's return to play, and gives his qualifying round predictions. Be sure to check out full episodes here on youtube and wherever you listen to podcasts.

While I like to give Subban the benefit of the doubt, one has to question his moves and lack of hockey focused training. Maybe he has the ability to multitask and next season he will be in 'peak' form or he is setting things up for the next chapter in his life, which, doesn't see him playing hockey anymore.

If it is the latter then I wish him luck and look forward to this new endeavor, but also would hate to see a player as good as him go out on such a sour note.

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