Matt Niskanen Drills Brendan Gallagher With Cross-Check To Face

Niskanen Gallagher hit hockey

Matt Niskanen has "accidentally" cross checked another player to the face, but this time he will face a possible suspension after he bloodied Brendan Gallagher's mouth during game 5 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Gallagher was on the hunt for the puck, with five minutes left in the third period, when he stripped Niskanen of the puck in his own zone. Not being pleased with this take Niskanen waited for Gallagher to turn around, after battling Provorov for the puck, and straight drilled him to the lower jaw. 

Gallagher slumped down the boards and waited for a whistle, but none came. The official, who had a clear view of the entire event, chose not to call it and pretend nothing happened. As he skated back to the bench he could be heard yelling to the ref and showing him his bloody mouth. 

It wasn't until he made it to the bench that the full scale of the damage could be seen. It was clear that Gallagher had cut his inner mouth and chipped a few teeth in the process. 

This is not the first time Niskanen has laid a questionable hit to the head of another player. During the 2017 Playoffs, Niskanen drilled Sidney Crosby with a cross-check to the head that saw him get the boot and Crosby leave the ice for concussion protocol. 


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