Chara Hits Andrei Svechnikov With Slew Foot

chara slew foot hockey fight

Zdeno Chara has a skill of making dirty plays look like accidents and while battling Andre Svechnikov in front of the net for position this skill went to work. 

While the two were battling it out in front of the net Chara plants his right leg in between Svechnikov's legs, then with his right arm leans into Svech's chest knocking him off balance. This would usually result in just a basic fall, but because of how he falls and the position of their legs Svech ends-up twisting in an awkward manner. The twist fall sees Svech twist his ankle similar to what happened to Penguins' Justin Schultz last season.

Svechnikov instantly went down clutching his leg and the play was blown dead. It wasn't blown dead because of Svech, but because at that same time a ref took a puck to the face and had to be helped off the ice. 

The Hurricanes lost 3-1, giving the Bruins a 2-1 series lead, but the loss felt much more significant than just the result of the game.

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