Antoine Roussel Destroys Sammy Blais With Right [Fight]

roussel fight nhl

Antoine Roussel blasted Sammy Blais with the right hand of God during the Vancouver Canucks vs St. Louis Blues Game 4 Monday night. 

Roussel was coming in hot delivering a check to Sanford. After play was stopped, he thought about it and he gave him a little wack with the stick for good measure. However, Blais seen this and thought he would skate in to save the day. 

Wrong. Blais had instant regret. 

Blais come flying in with a bear hug motion and Roussel was not having it. He, without hesitation, dropped his gloves and began blasting Blais with rights. Blais had no idea what was happening and began to fall backwards but old lightning McQueen caught him square on the jaw, while he was falling, with one final right. 

The takeaway from this little entanglement is never go in half-hearted looking for a fight, because that other guy is probably ready for a fight. 

Winner: Antoine Roussel by TKO.

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