Brandon Tanev and Jared McCann Tussle During Scrimmage


The Pittsburgh Penguins are currently having an intra-squad scrimmage, their last before they head to Toronto, and things got a little chippy between teammates Tanev and McCann during the second period of play.

During the second period of the scrimmage, with 7:29 left on the clock, McCann was dominating the offensive zone of play. Quick feet and puck control was on full display for all to see until Tanev stepped up and flattened McCann who got caught with his head down.

It was not a dirty play or even a hard hit it just caught McCann by surprise and, honestly, was probably more embarrassing than anything else. But McCann couldn't let it go and chased down Tanev. Tanev quickly realizing the situation responded with "lets go" and dropped the gloves. The two dropped gloves and helmets and threw a few pushes and body shots, but were quickly separated.

After the period came to an end McCann and Tanev meet on the ice and hugged it out. The two responded in a way that anyone should when you are training for Stanley Cup Playoffs and that fire is sure to fuel the team in their quest for the cup.

The Pittsburgh Penguins play the Philadelphia Flyers on Tuesday the 28th at 4:00pm Eastern time. And though it is just a practice game one hopes to see that passion on full display against the cross state rivals.

2nd Period 7:29 to see the fight

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