Blackhawks Flashback: Fan Steals Jets' Pardy's Helmet

blackhawks fan pardy helmet

It was November 2013 and Jets' defenseman Adam Pardy was checked through the glass by Chicago Blackhawks forward Brandon Bollig, then had his helmet ripped off his head by a fan before a woman dumped a beer onto him.

The drunk Blackhawks fan knew this was his moment in the spotlight. With his home team up by 3 and only 6 minutes left in the game this was a gift from the hockey gods. The moment Pardy popped through the glass you can see the wheels turning in the fan's eyes. Not only would his team win, but he would also collect a trophy from the fallen player just to rub salt in the wound. Sure, he knew he would be kicked from the game but it was a small price to pay to for smiting ones enemy...

Yet the story doesn't stop there, after sobering up, the fan who stole the helmet became remorseful. He released an apology to the Jets and to show just how sorry (that's sorrey for you Canadians) he was he made a donation to the Jets charity foundation.

The Winnipeg Jets lost that game to the Chicago Blackhawks  4-1.

Pardy spoke with media following the loss, saying "Two big, solid boys coming together I guess and the glass came out,It’s one of those situations where you don’t want to see anybody get hurt."

“Then I got a beer dumped all over my head. Over the side of my face and on my jersey. I don’t know if you can smell it on my clothes but the bench could definitely smell a little booze there for the last six minutes.”

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