Florida Panthers Flashback: Boobs On The Glass [Video]

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It was March 19th, 2009 and the Florida Panthers were taking on the Toronto Maple Leafs at Bank Atlantic Center. There was 15,467 fans in attendance but one super-fan in attendance new she had to make this game one that no one would forget.

The Panthers opened the scoring at the 7:15 mark when Weiss potted a short handed goal with assists from Booth and Ballard. But at the 18:08 mark Leafs Grabovski tied it up with assists from Mayers and Ponikarovsky. The first period ended and the Panthers' super-fan new she need to get the boys going in the second or they'd fall.

The Panthers' super-fan waited for the perfect time to let the cats out of the bag. After the Zamboni had finished cleaning the ice and the crew was moving the nets back into position she caught herself on the Jumbotron. She began with a sexy wiggle, while sliding her hands down her torso, looked over to her left and said, "now I have to do it." This super fan wasted no time in standing up, lifting her jersey up and pressing her breasts against the glass to rally the Panthers and lead them into victory.

This was clearly the motivation that the team needed. The second period started and the Panthers came out buzzing. Zednik scored the first goal of the period at the 6:27 mark with an assist from Booth and Weiss. Then at the 7:48 mark Peltonen scored with assists from Kreps and Dvorak.

The Florida Panthers would go on to beat the Toronto Maple Leafs 3-1 and not one goal was scored in the third period. They finished the season with a 41-30-11 record, however they failed to make the playoffs for the 8th season in a row.

Some say it was skill that carried the Panthers through the second and third periods, but I'd like to believe that the boys were inspired by the selfless act of devotion by one super-fan.

... Next up, The Washington Capitals and The St. Louis Blues.

NSFW Video Link Below:

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