Youth Hockey Ref Pushes Coach, Then Gets Smashed [Full Video]

hockey ref fights coach

During a youth hockey game at Kingston Massachusetts Bog Ice Arena a referee ejected a coach, pushed him to the ice and then got worked over by said coach.

An edited version of the video began circulating on twitter that only shows when the coach hits the ref, but one kind Twitter user, Brandon Corcoran, showed what led up to the Clash In Kingston.

The events play out like this: after a line change you hear two loud bangs, that is the coach slamming the gate. After the second slam the ref skates over and tells the coach he's gone. they yell some more and the coach get over the boards to head of the ice since he had just been ejected. The ref turns towards him and some something (he turned his back to the camera), which brings the coach back to yell some more. The ref doesn't like it so he pushes him and sends coach falling to the ice. The coach gets back up, turns his hat around and does what anyone would do after they were just assaulted; beat the piss out of that person. There is also a claim that the coach spit on the ref while walking away, but as you will clearly see that is not true.

Multiple things that happened here should not of happened.

1. The ref should have ejected the coach and then skated away, not engage in a shouting match.

2. The ref should not have ran his mouth like a child as the coach was leaving the ice.

3. The ref should not have put his has on someone and believe that there would be no consequences for his actions.

4. Why would a man on skates push a man in shoes on the ice? Again if he felt threatened he should
    have skated away. Had the coach smashed his head this would be a completely different story.

It is alleged that the ref in question is the brother of the head ref for Massachusetts youth hockey and believes this provides him with special abilities, so take from that what you will.

In closing, I have this to say: don't start nothing, won't be nothing.

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