Liiga Player Otto Kivenmäki Takes High Hit, Splits Head Open

Otto Kivenmäki David Nemecek

Finnish Elite League player Otto Kivenmäki took a high hit from David Nemecek that resulted in a bloody mess after Kivenmäki smashed the back of his head on the ice.

Otto Kivenmäki launched an attack that started with Luke Tarmo Reunonen losing the puck in the attack zone. Kivenmäki passed the offensive line as he pulled past the puck, meanwhile Kivenmäki was trying to find the puck and skate it into the zone. But David Nemecek was skating towards him and landed a high hit to the head.

The force of the check caused Kivenmäki's helmet strap to come undone after which Kivenmäki's head hit the ice. As a result of the force of the hit, him losing his helmet and spinning in the air; Kivenmäki's head hit with huge force causing a gash on the back of the head and blood to gush out.

Nemecek was give a  five minute misconduct for hitting the head.

One would think that anyone who splits their head open would be stretchered off the ice, but not Kivenmäki. He managed to sit up and skate off the ice with the help of a trainer holding a towel to the back of his head.

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