That Time Chris Pronger Crushed Justin Bieber [Video]

Remember that time Chris Pronger pinned and squashed Justin Bieber against the glass, laughing and refusing to let him out of the corner? 

Pronger checked Bieber during the celebrity game festivities, as part of 2017 Honda NHL All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles, squashing the Ontario native against the glass in the corner and refusing to let him out. And at 5-9, 145 pounds, there wasn't much Bieber could do about it.

The laugh from Pronger during the play says it all as the perfectly timed photo went viral.

One of Pronger's fellow 100 greatest players, Bobby Orr, who popped up behind the bench for Team Lemieux, also had his eye on Bieber, exclaiming "Not today, baby" when the singer was stopped on one of his two penalty shots in the game.

Justin Bieber is currently training to do a shootout with Jordan Binnington of the St Louis Blues.
Back in January Binnington issued a public challenge to the pop star "10 breakaways me vs. you," he posted to Bieber's Instagram account. "You score on me I'll dye my hair platinum blonde."

Before long, Bieber responded with his own counter offer: "How bout 10 thousand dollars to charity (if) I score on you and you donate to a charity of my choice and we film it."

Exactly when, where and what charity will benefit has yet to be determined, but it's likely the breakaway challenge will happen sometime during the offseason. Most likely when Bieber makes a stop in St. Louis for his 2020 Tour on July 13 at Enterprise Center.

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