Idiot Dad Cries For More Netting After Daughter Hit With Puck

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Jeff Lewis was with his family at Scheels Arena when his daughter suffered facial injuries after getting hit by a puck. Jeff and his family were sitting center ice on Saturday, February 15 when the incident happened and now he wants more safety netting around the ice.

Scheels Arena a multi-purpose venue located in Fargo, North Dakota is home to the Fargo Force. The Fargo Force is a Tier I junior ice hockey team in the Western Conference of the United States Hockey League.

Lewis said the puck hit his daughter in the mouth pushing her four front teeth back and busting her lips wide open.

"Now she can't shut her mouth, so she's on a liquid diet. Going on for a minimum of three months. The puck was deflected, just think if it came over faster. It's going to smack someone really bad, it would've put my daughter's teeth into my wife's face."

Lewis said it was a scary situation and stadium staff did respond quickly. Still, he believes the arena could do more to protect onlookers.

"I just wish that the Scheels Arena from the beginning would have put a net completely around. I know people complain about that, but it's better than having your teeth pushed in."

Okay Jeff lets break this down and explain why you, and many others just like you, are complete idiots who can't function at sporting event.

If you go to a baseball or hockey game you have to be aware that it is a sport played with an item that could leave the playing field. Whether it is hit out of the park, down the baseline, deflects off the net or another players stick, you knew this was a possibility that the object in play could come into the stands.

If you brought someone to the game who had never seen any sports before in their life, like, maybe a daughter. Then you should at least do them the courtesy of explaining this small detail to whomever you brought.

But, honestly, this probably wasn't the case. It is very likely that you and your family are not fans of the sport and decided on a whim to go to the local game cause it might be fun. You got those center ice seats, sat down and after a few minutes stopped paying attention and started playing with your phone, as did everyone else in your party.

Then, as luck would have it, your daughter gets smashed in the face and now it is up to you to fix this hazardous sport by crying for a completely netted rink.

Here is a crazy idea for you, your daughter and any other jagoff who wants to attend sporting events but not pay attention to the play.

Don't Go. Stay Home.

If you are going to go to a game and not pay attention then you should suffer the consequences of your own stupidity. It is not the job of the stadium or rink to hold your hand and keep you safe from anything that could go wrong.

The sad fact is that you, and many people like you, ruin a game that you don't actually care for all because you had a bad experience. Which, could have been avoided had you just payed attention.

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