Boston Bruins vs Tampa Bay Lightning Line Brawl

bruins lightning line brawl

The second period between the Boston Bruins and Tampa Bay Lightning saw all hell break loose.

Saturday night's Brawl For All kicked off when Zdeno Chara took exception to a hit Mikhail Sergachev put on him. Chara tried to get at the young blueliner, who clearly wants nothing to do with it. In response, Chara smacks Sergachev’s stick upward and launches it into orbit.

While that is taking place, the Bruins are just teeing off on Andrei Vasilevskiy. This keeps going until it looks like Sean Kuraly’s tap-in on the doorstep gets past the goal line, but the referee behind the net says no goal and play continues. Kucher grabs a loose puck and starts skating up ice on a breakaway, but when he hits the goal the horn sounds indicating that the puck which was waved off actually did cross the lines. No time to celebrate because....

Moments later, Chara and Pat Maroon start going after each other at center ice, and a full-fledged donnybrook breaks out, with guys all swinging at one another. Once that stops, the referees have time to look at the Kuraly goal, they reverse the call and say it’s a good goal, cutting the Bruins  deficit to 3-2.

During that stoppage, they hand out a bunch of penalties for the donnybrook. The final tally of all those penalties sees 2 Fighting penalties, 1 Delay of Game, 4 Misconducts, 1 Slashing and 1 Game Misconduct.

The Tampa Bay Lightning lead the Boston Bruins 4-3 in the third period.

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