Zach Hyman Bloodied By Jacob Trouba's Fists of Fury [Fight]

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College teammates Zach Hyman and Jacob Trouba came to blows Wednesday night when the New York Rangers beat the Toronto Maple Leafs 5-3 in Madison Square Garden.

The Leafs pulled their goalie with a minute left in the 3rd period, gained puck control and dumped the puck into the corner of the offensive zone. Trouba went in first and Hyman came in hard and hit Trouba in the numbers. It looked like it was boarding, but the Rangers had control so no whistle. That led to a two on one breakout towards the empty net and Buchnevich passed to McKegg who had an easy goal.

Meanwhile, Jacob Trouba and Zach Hyman started to have words and it looked like Hyman was saying that Trouba wouldn't do anything and probably believed that since he knew him personally. Wrong. Trouba unleashed fists of fury on Hyman and had him down within seconds. When Hyman got up you could see that Trouba made his shots count.

The refs reviewed the goal to see if the whistle had blown, but Trouba had waited until he knew McKegg had the open net before beginning his bashing of Hyman.

Again, Rangers beat the Leafs 5-3. And JacobTrouba beat Zach Hyman like a rented mule.

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