Ryan Reaves vs Ross 'The Boss' Johnston [Fight]

hockey ryan reaves nhl fight

Ryan Reaves and Ross 'The Boss' Johnston wasted no time dropping the gloves and trading haymakers Saturday night, when the Golden Knights took on the New York Islanders.

Right off the very first face-off the two heavyweights decided to get the game started on a strong note and dropped the gloves.  The two eyed each other up for about 20 seconds before they let the fists fly.

Reaves started off strong with a few body shots, but Johnston wasn't going to go out that easily, he quickly came back with some strong rights of his own. The two lost their buckets and traded shots to the almost punch-for-punch. Neither of the two went down and the refs stepped in once they could see they were gassed.

The Las Vegas Golden Knights and New York Islanders are tied 0-0 at the end of the 1st period.

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