Milan Lucic and Kurtis MacDermid Trade Punches

Hockey Fight Milan Lucic Kurtis MacDermid

It took a whole 30 minutes for Milan Lucic and Kurtis MacDermid to drop the gloves Wednesday night when the LA Kings took on the Calgary Flames.

The two squared up in Calgary's zone right after the puck dropped. They clearly both wanted to give it a good go and put on a show, but sadly after Lucic countered MacDermid's huge overhand right with his own overhand right, MacDermid slipped and the refs pounced in to stop the battle of the heavyweights.

When the two made it to the box of shame you could tell MacDermid was disappointed, so much so, that he apologized to Lucic for falling and having the fight cut short.

The game is currently in the 3rd period and the Kings are leading the Flames 3-2.

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