Wild's Marcus Foligno vs Canucks' Zack MacEwen [Fight]

hockey nhl fight wild canucks

Marcus Foligno just destroyed Zack MacEwen during the 2nd period of the Minnesota Wild vs Vancouver Canucks game.
 With 9:30 left in the 2nd MacEwen thought it would be a good idea to challenge Foligno to a fight. Wrong. after a brief back and forth the two dropped gloves and went at it.

This didn't last long as Foligno quickly took control of the situation and began hitting Zack sqaure on the button four solid times. The last punch knocked him off balance and sent him head first to the ice.

Luckily MacEwen's only injury was to his pride. Minnesota leads 3-1.

Bonus Fight: Jason Zucker vs Jake Virtanen

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