Jesper Bratt Accidentally Pulls Off Kucherov No Shot [Video]

nhl hockey devils jesper bratt

Do you remember when Nikita Kucherov beat Braden Holtby with his patented no-shot move to beat the Washington Capitals goalie on a breakaway during the third period of the Lightning's 4-2 win at Capital One Arena? Of course you do and if you don't you have seen the highlight of it on Youtube.

The Kucherov for those of you who don't know is a no shot, shot. He fakes a shot but lets the puck just glide into the net pulling a complete fake out. Kucherov is the only guy who does this shot, that is, until now.

Jesper Bratt didn't set out to score a goal like Kucherov, but he did it in the most accidental of ways.  As the NJ Devils were entering the offensive zone Bratt passed to Butcher, who then tapped it over Zacha, who then fed it back to Bratt for a simple one-timer.

The only problem was that Bratt fanned on it and barely touched it with his heel. But Bratt sold it like he crushed a one-timer and Chris Lindgren bit. Lindgren dove to catch the phantom puck not realizing that it just slid into the net slowly past his left leg.

Bratt knew exactly what happened and couldn't control himself; he instantly started laughing. The situation was pretty funny but The Canadiens didn't think so and their salty reaction made you well aware of that fact.

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