Jacob Middleton and John Hayden Fight

nhl hockey Middleton Hayden

Jacob Middleton and John Hayden  had a fight with 12:34 left in the first period during the Sharks vs Devils game this Thursday night. 

The fight wasn't much to write home about, each threw some punches but the refs were quick to jump in after Middleton took his helmet off. I really hope one of the refs get knocked out soon so they will think twice about jumping in early. Once a player hits the ice stop it, but not before then.

The Sharks lead the Devils 1-0 in the second period. 

Injuries: Erik Karlsson and Tomas Hertl are both out for the remainder of the season. Logan Couture is out an expected 6 weeks with an ankle fracture. Dalton Prout played only two games after his return from injury before returning to the IR indefinitely.

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