Pavel Buchnevich Nails Brad Marchand With Cross-Check

hockey fight marchand buchnevich

The Boston Bruins are taking on the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden this Sunday after noon and when these teams meet sparks are bound to fly.

The chain of events are as follows; with 3:46 left in the second period the Rangers froze the puck in their zone, Ryan Lindgren gave Patrice Bergeron a love tap with the stick. Marchand sees this, doesn't like it and hits Lindgren with a cross-check. Marchand, not having his head on a swivel, doesn't know that Buchnevich seen what he did and doesn't much care for that either. Buchnevich drills Marchand in the back so hard his bucket goes flying off and he has no idea what just happened.

Marchand in a dazed state tries to hit Lindgren but he is just swinging at air and the linesmen step in before anything else could happen.

The kicker to this story, Marchand is the only one who gets sent to the box of shame for a quick two minutes for cross-checking.

The Boston Bruins lead the New York Rangers 2-0 in the third period.

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