Jeff Petry Hits Brad Marchand With a DDT at Center Ice

nhl fight bruins canadiens

During the Bruins vs Canadiens game Jeff Petry decided to go old school WWF and hit Brad Marchand with a DDT at center ice. This is ironically fitting since the DDT comes from the french expression “Descente de tête” which literally translates to “Dropping the head”.

It happened with 1:24 left in the first period when Marchand starting barking up the Petry tree by giving a few whacks with the stick. Once the two hit center ice Marchand threw off the gloves and started swinging wildly. Petry, not having any of this, locked up Marchand by the neck and did a combination hip toss/DDT right into the center ice logo.

The move was executed cleanly and I'm sure somewhere Jake 'The Snake' Roberts got goosebumps and an angel got its wings, because every time you do a DDT an angel gets its wings.

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