David Krejci and Joe Pavelski Throw Bombs

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David Krejci and Joe Pavelski had a bout  that didn't disappoint this Thursday when the Boston Bruins took on the Dallas Stars.

Halfway through the second period Pavelski and Krejci decided that enough was enough and they had best hash it out right now. Krejci started the chain of events by pulling Pavelski to the the ice in the Bruins zone and Pavelski answered in kind. After that the two start grabbing at each other and thats when the gloves flew.

Joe Pavelski might have thought better about thins had he known that David Krejci was just going to feed him straight rights to the face. There was really no way around it as Krejci was just locked in. To Pavelski's credit he ate them and more but never went down.

The Boston Bruins beat the Dallas Stars 4-3.

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