Curtis McElhinney Flops On Bump By J.T. Compher

nhl hockey fight Curtis McElhinney

The Tampa Bay Lightning and the Colorado Avalanche Had a full on donnybrook in the third period of Monday nights game that required overtime and ended in favor of the Lightning 4-3.

There was one questionable play early when Erik Cernak tripped up Mikko Rantanen near the boards, and the Avalanche right wing ended up with an injury that will keep him out weeks. But things really got interesting in the third period.

Avalanche forward J.T. Compher grazed Lightning goalie Curtis McElhinney, assisted by Mikhail Sergachev, with his left elbow and you would have thought McElhinney had been shot with a .50 cal. Needless to say, all hell broke loose and Sergachev went on the attack dragging Compher up the ice.

This day and age goalies act as if they are glass dolls and any bump they receive should be an automatic double minor with an ejection on the offending party. Doesn't matter if they cause the contact, are out of the crease or diving at you; you hit them and they act as if they were mauled by a mountain lion.

Anyway.. About five minutes later, Ondrej Palat lined Nathan MacKinnon up for a hit but ended up on the receiving end instead. Clean hit, but looked big and left Palat on the ice and that started things  up again.

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