Brett Pesce Blocks Slap Shot Rips Wrist Open [Video]

nhl hockey brett pesce

Brett Pesce had a bit of a scare Sunday night when the Carolina Hurricanes faced the Vancouver Canucks.

During the 2nd period of the Hurricanes 5-4 win over the Canucks, Pesce bent down to block a shot and  his glove slipped exposing his bare wrist. Oscar Fantenberg was loading up a slapper and drove the puck perfectly to the exposed wrist instantly dropping Pesce.

For some reason the refs let the play continue for a little longer than it should have. Then once everyone was aware of the situation, and the blood on the ice, they blew the whistle while Pesce left the ice.

However things were not as dire as they appeared. In the 3rd period Pesce was able to return to the bench after he received some stitches in the back.  

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